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COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among non-refugees and refugees in Kenya

Published: 2023
Topic: COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy
Author(s): Ryan T. Rego, Anthony K. Ngugi, Antonia Johanna Sophie Delius, Stanley Luchters, Joseph C. Kolars, Furqan B. Irfan, Eileen Weinheimer-Haus, Amina Abubakar, Reena Shah, Ji Zhu, Matthew L. Boulton, Timothy Hofer, Akbar K. Waljee

Factors associated with COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy (which we define as refusal to be vaccinated when asked, resulting in delayed or non- vaccination) are poorly studied in sub-Saharan Africa and among refugees, particularly in Kenya. Using survey data from wave five (March to June 2021) of the Kenya Rapid Response Phone Survey (RRPS), a household survey representative of the population of Kenya, we estimated the self-reported rates and factors associated with vaccine hesitancy among non-refugees and refugees in Kenya.

COVID-19 vaccination refusal trends in Kenya over 2021

Published: 2023
Topic: COVID-19 Vaccination refusal trends
Author(s): Ryan T Rego, Brooke Kenney, Anthony K Ngugi, Leon Espira, James Orwa, Geoffrey H Siwo, Christabel Sefa, Jasmit Shah, Eileen Weinheimer-Haus, Antonia Johanna Sophie Delius, Utz Johann Pape, Furqan B Irfan, Amina Abubakar, Reena Shah, Abram Wagner, Joseph Kolars, Matthew L Boulton, Timothy Hofer, Akbar K Waljee

Vaccination refusal exacerbates global COVID-19 vaccination inequities. No studies in East Africa have examined temporal trends in vaccination refusal, precluding addressing refusal. We assessed vaccine refusal over time in Kenya, and characterized factors associated with changes in vaccination refusal. We analyzed data from the Kenya Rapid Response Phone Survey (RRPS), a household cohort survey representative of the Kenyan population including refugees. Vaccination refusal (defined as the respondent stating they would not receive the vaccine if offered to them at no cost) was measured in February and October 2021.

Mental health and psychological well-being of Kenyan adolescents from Nairobi and the Coast regions in the context of COVID-19

Published: 2023
Topic: Mental Health
Author(s): Gideon Mbithi, Adam Mabrouk, Ahmed Sarki, Rachel Odhiambo, Mary Namuguzi, Judith Tumaini Dzombo, Joseph Atukwatse, Margaret Kabue, Paul Mwangi and Amina Abubakar

Despite the high burden of mental health problems during adolescence and its associated negative consequences, it has remained neglected especially in sub-Saharan Africa. The 2019 novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has placed additional stress on adolescent mental health. However, there are few studies documenting the burden of mental health problems and even fewer mental health services in the region.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning for early detection and diagnosis of colorectal cancer in sub-Saharan Africa

Published: 2022
Topic: Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): Akbar K Waljee, Eileen M Weinheimer-Haus, Amina Abubakar, Anthony K Ngugi, Geoffrey H Siwo , Gifty Kwakye, Amit G Singal, Arvind Rao, Sameer D Saini, Andrew J Read , Jessica A Baker, Ulysses Balis, Christopher K Opio, Ji Zhu, Mansoor N Saleh1

Colorectal cancer (CRC) was once considered a rare disease in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), but decades of globalisation has changed this narrative. Currently, CRC is the fifth most common cancer in SSA, and while CRC incidence and mortality are decreasing in some high-income countries, rates in SSA are on the rise. Herein, we discuss how AI/ML tools could be leveraged to conduct population-based surveillance and improve the early diagnosis and prognosis of CRC in SSA.