A clarion call to promote mental wellbeing in communities

Tom Osanjo, a veteran journalist and mental health champion, recalls his struggle with severe depression and his journey to recovery.

”When I first started experiencing depression, I did not know that I was suffering from the disease. Generally, I am a very happy and extroverted person. However, in 2018, things changed. I would suddenly find myself feeling very sad with no reason behind it. This was coupled with lack of sleep that would extend throughout an entire night. I would often skip work, avoid interactions with other people opting to stay alone with no interest in eating or even showering. This went on for months until I saw a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with severe depression. I then began treatment which helped me get better and go back to my life as it were,” said Tom.
Tom is among many Kenyans who have had to battle with mental health illnesses. However, not all are fortunate to receive help or treatment. He was speaking at a mental health open day organised by the Aga Khan University’s Institute for Human Development (IHD) in partnership with Dagoretti sub-County’s health department among other stakeholders.
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